Planet Moody

Major bad mood on planet Sophie this morning after scanning through my payslip. Whilst I can see that my employers don’t want to pay for nothing I still think it’s a bit rank to deduct salary for sick days. OK, so we are lucky in that this doesn’t put us in a stressful financial pickle, but what if it did? I remember all too well my years as a single mother when every last penny was accounted for and the loss of pay or holiday entitlement caused enormous stress – it just doesn’t sit right with me. Perhaps I’m excessively moody because hubby is away and it was rubbish to wake up this morning without him lying there next to me, so I’ll concede that I’m possibly a little less tolerant than I’d otherwise be but I think it’s unfair and wrong. It made me think of the film we watched Sunday night, “I, Daniel Blake”. It’s about a man who has suffered a heart attack and gets signed off work, has to rely on benefits and ends up in a really awful situation when money is withheld due to him failing to meet certain criteria. I don’t know how the benefits system works, what I’m getting at is how falling short of even a relatively small amount of money could mean catastrophic consequences in some situations.

Well, I shouldn’t bitch about it – the people I work for are lovely and this isn’t Scandinavia where it’s fashionable to look after your employees so I will focus on my blessings instead of letting this get to me. Still – grr.

One night down, four to go without hubby – for someone who always preferred her own company and solitude I am surprisingly lost without my bestie, don’t at all enjoy being without that big kiwi. But hey, the weather’s great and I’m looking forward to my walk today. And that’s all I have to say today, a bit flat really… Annoyed with my payslip, missing hubby and appreciating the nice weather. Plenty to be grateful for though and being sober is high up on that list.

Today I’m not going to drink.

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