Thunderclouds and Lie-ins

Friday. Bank holiday weekend. Early summer. That’s a really nice combo, isn’t it? In many ways it’s just about the loveliest time of the year. Whilst it would have been nice to check the weather app and see a great, big sun for the coming few days, it still feels like a mini holiday, which I suppose it is. Instead of a sun there are thunderclouds so our plans to head down to the coast and walk the Seven Sisters were quickly scuppered, so it might be the sort of break used to shorten the to-do list.

What I’m looking forward to the most is sleeping in. I’m an early bird and it’s rare to catch me snoozing much beyond 7.30am even when I don’t need to get up, but I’ve been really tired this week and struggled to get out of bed. Perhaps my body needs more sleep than I’m currently letting it have? I’ve probably gone to sleep by midnight most nights after reading for a while, and that’s slightly later than normal but due to us now getting addicted to The Crown (we binge watched Game of Thrones from the beginning in February and March so needed a new series), so after my long walks and dinner it seems to get late much quicker. I get up at 6.30am but it’s been torture and this morning I stood in the shower and felt like I had a headache from being so sleepy, but once I was out it had lifted. So that’s one thing I’m really looking forward to – a little lie-in tomorrow morning and just enjoying coffee and breakfast in our dressing gowns and no morning rush whatsoever.

Next weekend is the one I am REALLY looking forward to though! I’ve downloaded lots of Foo Fighters on iTunes so will have Dave Grohl & Co in my ears on my walks between now and when we’ll see them live Tuesday 5th June in Gothenburg. I’ve never been much of a concert kinda gal, and I would probably have told you I don’t like concerts but I know now that this was because of drinking. Concerts, like so much else, really gets in the way of drinking. And so I didn’t like them! Now… Well… Now I’m beginning to look forward to seeing a freaking awesome band live and being able to fully take in the moments without wine stress! I know I sound like a goddamn sobriety preacher but I can’t begin to tell you how colourful and amazing my life has become. That’s saying something, because even when I dulled it all down by throwing a heavy, wine soaked blanket over it, I thought it was pretty awesome. Now? Pinch me!

Of course it’s also our first wedding anniversary so I’ve bought hubby presents and a card to congratulate him on putting up with me. The following day it’s our five years together anniversary. I’m so, so lucky. Hubby is the most wonderful person I have ever met – frighteningly intelligent, loving, kind, sweet, caring, genuine, funny, sharp, a little crazy, quite clumsy, sexy, empathic, generous, very nosy and he is on a superficial level the most attractive man I’ve ever laid eyes on. Inside out the most glorious person. Oh, and his kisses are the stuff fairytales are made of. And he has a very lovely bottom. What can I say, he is an amazing man and one of the best things I ever did was to put a ring on it. Yay me!

So that’s it from me for now. Hope you’ll have a really nice weekend wherever you are.

I’m now 122 days sober and today I’m not going to drink.

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