Hearts And Saucepans

Sometimes I wonder what my heart is up to and whether I need to have a doctor check that the old pump is in good order. I used to have spells of my heart beating rapidly when I was still drinking and put it down to just that, my drinking, but it’s happened a few times since I quit and did again a couple of days ago. Quite strange. Is it palpitations? Sometimes it feels like my heart skips a beat and gets all uneven. OK, I’m going to stop or I’ll end up Googling all this and self diagnosing with the scariest thing I can find. It does seem odd because now I don’t seem to have any logical explanation for how my heart sometimes decides to race.

A good night’s sleep was all I wanted. I’d got up at 4am yesterday with hubby who was off on a work trip so I was looking forward to an early night and a solid ten hours. It wasn’t to be. Bambino had two friends with him and the last time I very sternly told them off was at 3.30am and got a loud fart as a response. I was going to get two saucepans to violently bang together to create a wake up symphony for those little arseholes but then decided this might just be too humiliating for my son plus I don’t know these two friends particularly well and didn’t much fancy getting phone calls from angry parents for scaring their little angels. I am so tired I am struggling to stay awake though.

Not much to say about sobriety today except I’m so knackered that I wouldn’t even be able to lift a shot glass. I’d pay good money to be able to go to bed right now. I’m even too tired to feel excited about our weekend away.


Today I’m not going to drink.

3 thoughts on “Hearts And Saucepans

  1. You should go get your blood pressure and heart checked. It could be nothing but at least then your mind will be put to rest. I used to have racing heart sometimes when I was drinking, it was probably trying to escape drowning in the alcohol lol. But I also have really high blood pressure that has to be controlled by medication. Bahaha if I was the mum of one I those kids I would probably give you a high five for the pots.


    • I sort of regret not waking them up that way. And yes, I should probably have it checked. I know my mother sometimes has palpitations and she’s not a drinker.

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