For years and years I had a blog with this name – A Storm in a Wine Glass – where I mostly just over shared and often set out to provoke, adding chili as freely as I do when I cook. Can’t quite remember why I chose this name, beyond that I’m a slightly stormy lady and I used to drink a lot of wine. I first started it around 2006, which was when my alcoholism really began in earnest (I’ll leave the chicken and egg debate as to whether I was born an alcoholic or became one, whether it was inevitable or just happened, for another time), but now, eight and a bit months into sobriety it dawned on me that this is the place I want to be. So the domain is back up and here I am. Welcome.

All the old stuff is gone, saved in a folder and gathering dust on a hard drive, and I doubt I’ll ever do anything with it. I wonder how much was written sober. Not much, I don’t think. I remember sometimes reading something I’d posted the following day and having no memory of writing it, and I also remember on occasion thinking “damn, that’s a fine piece of writing” despite having composed it in full-on eclipse black-out. I guess I blogged a lot when drinking was still somewhat fun, because way back then there were still those times when there was stuff about it to enjoy. Point is though that all of that disappeared and the last few years of being an active alcoholic were pretty desperate. Whilst life was always fairly sunny and full of joy, this was in spite of my drinking and certainly not because of it (which is what booze wanted me to believe).

So let’s see how this fits. Still me, still a day at a time.

Today I’m not going to drink.

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