Anna’s Recovery Library

A growing list that is in no particular order….

  • And I Don’t Want to Live This Life – Deborah Spungen
  • AA: The Big Book
  • AA: Twelve Steps And Twelve Traditions
  • Blackout: Remembering The Things I Drank To Forget – Sarah Hepola
  • Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions – Russell Brand
  • The Easyway To Stop Drinking – Allen Carr
  • The Naked Mind – Annie Grace
  • Alcohol Lied To Me – Craig Beck
  • The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober – Catherine Gray
  • Alcohol Explained – William Porter
  • Dry – Augusten Burroughs
  • Drinking: A Love Story – Caroline Knapp
  • The Sober Diaries – Clare Pooley
  • Girl Walks Out Of A Bar – Lisa F Smith
  • Dryland: One Woman’s Swim To Sobriety – Nancy Stearns Bercow
  • The Biology Of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not A Disease – Marc Lewis
  • The Sober Truth: Debunking The Bad Science Behind 12-Step Programs And The Rehab Industry – Lance M Dodes
  • Dying To Survive – Rachael Keogh
  • Tweak – Nick Sheff
  • Beautiful Boy – David Sheff
  • A Million Little Pieces – James Frey
  • Mrs D Is Going Without – Lotta Dann
  • I’ll Stop Tomorrow – Paul Campbell
  • Mother’s Ruin – Nicola Barry
  • Drunk Mom – Jowita Bydlowska
  • AnsvarsFULL – Camilla Kuylenstierna
  • Så Som Jag Minns Det – Mikael Persbrandt
  • För Mycket Av Allt – Sanna Bråding
  • Kärleksbarnet – Hillevi Wahl
  • Rewired – Erica Soiegelman

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